1OfAKind Ambassador Program

1OfAKind Ambassador program for Influencers, Content Creators, Personal Trainers, Online Coaches, Online Gamers and Affiliates

1OfAKind is India's first and upcoming fitness lifestyle brand. Our Ambassador program is an easy way to get associated with us. With our program, you can monetize and earn through your content via your YouTube, website, blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other online channel.

We offer you an opportunity to be a part of #Team1OfAKind on a top-rated affiliate program. 

1. Summary

The following are the benefits you receive if you sign up and get approved to our ambassador program:

  • Quick set up, earn commissions immediately
  • Up to 12% commission on tracked link sales
  • Strong conversion rate and retention
  • In-house affiliate team to respond to requests and queries
  • 30-day cookie and regular commission payments 

2. Approval

If you have a social media profile with over 5,000 followers and would like to work as an ambassador for 1OfAKind, please apply by filling the application by clicking the 'Apply' button below. 

Please include links to all of your social media profiles and an explanation as to why you think you'd be a great fit for #Team1OfAKind. We do have a strict approval process and we will make a decision based on multiple factors, most importantly whether or not your profiles are brand aligned with 1OfAKind.

Your approval status will be shared with you within 1-2 weeks of your application and will be communicated to you via email.

3. Benefits 

Below are the benefits you will receive when you hit certain tiers:
  • INR 0 onwards - 6% commission on all sales you drive through your clients
  • INR 25,000 – INR 5,000 voucher to spend at 1OfAKind
  • INR 1,00,000 - 8% commission on all sales
  • INR 1,25,000 - INR 12,000 voucher to spend at 1OfAKind
  • INR 5,00,000 - 10% commission on all sales
  • INR 5,50,000 - INR 25,000 voucher to spend at 1OfAKind
  • INR 7,50,000 – 12% commission on all sales

Revenues are monitored per calendar year. All commission incentives are adjusted per calendar year. 

4. Terms & Conditions

The ‘6-12% commission’ and ‘voucher payment’ is subject to the terms of the ambassador program. Subject to the terms of the ambassador program, the affiliate will receive the ‘commission’ directly from 1OfAKind.

The scheme (together with any products which are purchased or supplied under or in connection with the scheme) are subject to our website terms and conditions.

We reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions without notice from time to time.

Subject to clause 5 and clause 6, we shall not be liable to the affiliate in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise for any of the following losses or damages arising out of or in connection with the program (including but not limited to the consumption and/or use of 1OfAKind products): 

  • (i) loss of profit;
  • (ii) loss of business;
  • (iii) loss of revenue;
  • (iv) loss of goodwill or damage to reputation; or
  • (v) any indirect, special or consequential loss or damage howsoever cause
Subject to clause 4 and clause 5, our maximum aggregate liability in contract, tort, or otherwise (including any liability for any negligent act or omission) howsoever arising out of or in connection with the performance of our obligations under this scheme shall be limited to INR 10,000/-.